dimanche 9 août 2015

Pebeo Vitrail, Moon and Prism

Here is a small canvas that I prepared at a crop with organized by ÇaFabrik in Aylmer. Two mini canvases placed on a larger canvas with Golden Molding Paste, Golden acrylics then I used Pebeo Vitrail, Moon and Prism products.  All items were purchased at ÇaFabrik, they have a huge selection available!

Canvas Fun

Golden Acrylic paint in Deep Irridescent Gold, high flow acrylics and my heat gun = cool effects!

Repurposed Canvas on Wood

I had a painting on my wall that I had purchased at a department store, it was kind of a poster mounted on a wood canvas.  Every time I would pass it in the hallway, I would think "Why did I buy this exactly?"  I literally hated it.  Having a free day in my art room, I figured I couldn't make it any uglier (should have taken a before pic!) so I took it down, sanded the poster image and repurposed the wooden canvas. I used some Golden molding paste, acrylic paints, some Golden High Flow with my airgun and finished off with some Pebeo Gedeo GIlding Wax in Gold.  Looks much better than the poster and it was made by me!

dimanche 22 mars 2015

Me and the hubby, in a Prima setting created by the most talented, Ms Carie Fennell.  I had the opportunity to meet her at Prima Art Venture Canada 2014 in Cornwall, Ontario. Her layouts are ABSOLUTELY stunning! I was sorry to find out this year's Art Venture is in Edmonton, can't afford to travel this year..maybe they will come to Ottawa next year...fingers crossed....eh Denny Dupras-Ruffner???

Here is another mixed media canvas that I've recently created at home, I think I've found my new passion!

Here are a few albums I've made. The first is canvas and the other two are chipboard. Lots of Prima Marketing products, they are some of my favorites!

Here are a few projects that I created during a class at ÇaFabrik with the very talented ladies from Les pigments dans nos valises!  These are Pebeo vitrail, Prisme and Moon paints and they are super fun to play with.

Bloom Girls Stamp on Wood

Here is a project I completed taking a class last year with the talented Jamie Lynn Dougherty at Prima Art Venture Canada in 2014 in Cornwall, Ontario.

Someone requested it for a gift so I decided to make another one at home, here it is!

I haven't quite finished her yet but she was just as fun the second time around.

mixed media canvas

Hi, here is a little mixed media project that I completed at a crop yesterday, enjoy! I'm addicted to making these now...I'm so glad I have a load of embellishments!

mardi 25 février 2014

Bob Ross Oil Painting

So I have to start by saying that when I signed up for this class, I told myself, this would just be for fun.  I was going to try my hand (for the first time ever) at oil painting.  Needless to say when I left the house I thought that I would put my canvas in a corner and forget about it.  I took this course at CaFabrik with Nathalie (the instructor).  She paints beautifully.  At the beginning of the course she told us, you will be able to finish your painting today (in one day?!?) I couldn't believe it.  And then she said, we could all paint a beautiful painting...ya right I thought!  But low and behold, I come up with what is in my mind, my first masterpiece!  Ok it's not perfect but for my first time, not bad at all.  I really enjoyed my day and decided that I would try again someday.  I really couldn't believe that I could paint anything let alone this...you just never know until you try!