mardi 25 février 2014

Bob Ross Oil Painting

So I have to start by saying that when I signed up for this class, I told myself, this would just be for fun.  I was going to try my hand (for the first time ever) at oil painting.  Needless to say when I left the house I thought that I would put my canvas in a corner and forget about it.  I took this course at CaFabrik with Nathalie (the instructor).  She paints beautifully.  At the beginning of the course she told us, you will be able to finish your painting today (in one day?!?) I couldn't believe it.  And then she said, we could all paint a beautiful painting...ya right I thought!  But low and behold, I come up with what is in my mind, my first masterpiece!  Ok it's not perfect but for my first time, not bad at all.  I really enjoyed my day and decided that I would try again someday.  I really couldn't believe that I could paint anything let alone just never know until you try!

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